Terumo Cardiovascular Asia Pacific launches Patient Safety Roadshow

27 Apr 2023

 Ms. Suzanne Osborne, Director of Clinical Support Terumo Cardiovascular , (centre) shared her perfusion expertise with clinicians across the Asia-Pacific Region during the week-long Patient Safety Roadshow

Delivering Value through Safety Education

Terumo Asia Pacific launched its first regional Patient Safety Roadshow in February, and welcomed Suzanne Osborne, Director of Clinical Support, USA, as the keynote speaker. The Roadshow took place in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines from February 16-23, 2023, and was aimed at demonstrating how TCV solutions help with perfusion and patient safety, as well as improving patient outcomes. The event received high marks from the more than 120 perfusionists who participated in hands-on simulations.

“As we continue to fulfill our Vision to be the most trusted provider of cardiovascular technologies, we are providing education programs that meet clinicians’ needs,” says Amy Peng, Regional Marketing Manager and Roadshow organizer. “We want to support perfusionist skill development and help them practice safe cardiopulmonary bypass procedures.”

The Roadshow also provided an opportunity to hear from customers about ideas for improving existing products that can lead to better patient safety. During roundtable discussions, perfusionists shared and learned from one another’s experiences to improve their practices.

“Improving patient outcomes is a key to our mission of saving lives. Through simulation, collaboration and training, I was able to show how our products can improve the lives of our patients,” says Suzanne. “It was an honor to speak to so many practicing clinicians across the region and see how their practices are very similar to ours in the US. Collaboration with our global practicing clinicians enables us at Terumo Cardiovascular to innovate and really understand what the needs of patients and clinicians are around the world.”



About Terumo Cardiovascular
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