Terumo Aortic

Terumo Aortic is a global medical device company dedicated to developing solutions for aortic and peripheral vascular disease. Our complete portfolio includes the treatment for thoracic, abdominal and peripheral aneurysms, acute and chronic dissections, and peripheral occlusions.


About Terumo Aortic

We are 100% focused on the aorta, from the aortic root to the iliac arteries. We understand that no two aortas are alike. Whether it’s an off-the-shelf or custom-made product, our broad portfolio of diverse surgical, endovascular and hybrid solutions is designed to offer options as individualised as your patient’s anatomy.

With our wide range of aortic products, Terumo Aortic enables you to find the best approach for each case — and each patient.


Advanced Delivery

Terumo Aortic delivery systems use proprietary technology to reposition, deploy and facilitate the implant and overall procedure.


Knitting & Weaving

We utilise looms specially adapted to the needs of aortic repair textiles. Our unique Köper knitted structure features yarns arranged perpendicular to each other on the inner surface. This preserves all the advantages of a knitted material, such as superb handling, absence of fraying and also displays significantly reduced dilatation when compared to warp-knitted grafts.


Sealant Technology

Sealed products feature a patented gelatin outer coating to assist the implantation process. Our Gelatin has been shown to have a low thrombogenicity. The gelatin technology is also an ideal sealant for bonding to the antibiotic rifampicin, which is used to minimise the occurrence of graft infection after implantation. Terumo Aortic have CE mark approval for both heparin and rifampicin bonding.